Life Ahead

Learning skills for parenting life

The Life Ahead course is for everyone – from young people at school to students in further and higher education.  In fact, for anyone who wants to build up their life skills and prepare for adult life. Our mission is simple; whoever you are, wherever you are, we’d like to help you learn emotional skills that will help you in life ahead. When you register with Life Ahead, you’ll be guided along your own learning journey.

For students

Students get access to our innovative online course materials and worksheets. Life Ahead is specifically designed to help young people think ahead and be better able to make informed choices about their future. Above all, they are aimed at showing them how to see the ‘bigger picture’ – taking in their options for family life and the society in which they live. Students can choose to study at their own pace and in the format that best suits them.

For teachers

Teachers can use our course materials to encourage young people to prepare for life as part of an independent study programme. Alternatively, they may choose to deliver them as part of a tailored course of education for young people – either as individual modules or as a multi-session course. The decision is theirs. Life Ahead has been designed with a high degree of flexibility in mind – making it suitable for most learning environments, where a variety of teaching approaches can be used.

Life Ahead – We can help you to look at life differently!

Don’t just take our word for it

Here are some examples of how schools have already used Life Ahead to help young people prepare for life. Their creative approaches to our courses have included art, drama and media studies.

My War at Home
A play performed by Year 8 students, which looks at how many parents struggle to cope with the choices, challenges and choices that make up family life.

Play and Prepare
A play by high school students about the dilemmas of young people and parents-to-be.

Who am I?
My Future Self: an art exhibition by Year 8 students