Baby Talk – radio play intro

Frome Drama Club and Christine Meadows, the creator of the Preparenting Programme for adults and young people, have created a radio drama: ‘Baby Talk’, which brings a refreshing new perspective to the subject of parenting.

‘Baby Talk’ is a tale of parenthood. Jules and David already have a teenager daughter, Sam, and are completely thrown by the arrival of an unplanned baby. Amy and Chris are a young couple who seem to have thought of everything. Teenagers Sam and Ben are for, the first time, brought face to face with the fact that the they must soon make choices in life. It turns out that when it comes to ‘Baby Talk’, preparation is everything…

Cast list:

SAMANTHA Hargreaves: Naomi Parnell
MATTHEW Foster: Pete White
JULIE Hargreaves: Verena Dahl
DAVID Hargreaves: Geoff Hunt
AMY Jones: Selby Larner
CHRIS Jones: Mike Witt